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The property currently encompassing the Incorporated Village of Old Field was purchased from the Setalcott Indian tribe by a deed of confirmation bearing no date by Wyandanch, chief of the Montauketts, sometime before 1659 (Bayles, 1882). Historical records maintained by the Village of Old Field and the Town of Brookhaven indicate that Flax Pond, then called Fresh Pond, was used in the 18th Century as a commons for watering cattle and for retting flax. When the domestic flax market was no longer lucrative, it was decided to make the pond profitable as a shellfishing area. In 1803, an inlet was dug connecting the freshwater pond to Long Island Sound, creating the necessary conditions for the formation of a salt marsh. Oysters and clams soon colonized the marsh, and a profitable shellfishing industry began. In 1947, two stone jetties were constructed on either side of the inlet to stabilize the opening at its current location.