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Turtle Research Study Now Going on at West Meadow Beach
You Can HELP by Becoming a Turtle Tracker or Adopt a Hatchling

Each June and July, Diamondback Terrapin come up out of West Meadow Creek to nest. Since 2004, the Friends of Flax Pond has been working to protect and preserve these turtles by locating females and when possible protecting their nests. On weekends we have group beach searches at 9:30am either Saturday or Sunday. We also have weekday searches for nesting females which vary by turtle sightings, weather and lunar phases.

These are announced to our "Turtle Trackers" via weekly e-mails, so if you would like to be notified just send an e-mail. Indicate in subject line: "Weekday Turtle Tracker", "Weekend Turtle Tracker" or "All Turtle Tracker Days."

The first time you come you will have to bring this form filled out OR fill out (we have blanks there) a Volunteer Registration and Release form for your family. Then you will be instructed how to search, what to look for and paired with an experienced Turtle Tracker. You are then an official Turtle Tracker!

To "ADOPT A HATCH-LING" just click on the Adopt a Hatch-ling logo and follow directions. All funds received are 100% tax deductible and directly support our diamondback terrapin research program which helps protect, preserve and provide education about the Diamondback Terrapins and our fragile environment.

Watch here for more information on the study."

Here is the First Adult Turtle at West Meadow - Seen Wednesday, 6/18

Congrats to our wonderful West Meadow Beach walker, Ellen Silverman, who captured this picture of the first adult female terrapin reported for the 2014 season. Thanks for
sharing, Ellen.

If you should spot a turtle at West Meadow:
1. Do not disturb turtles.
2. Note location (Turtle numbers on road), take photo (if possible), watch from a distance, mark nest with rocks/ sticks etc, place rocks on road, too
3. Report to researcher, (Park Ranger, Eileen Gerle or Nancy Grant (text: 631-767-6287) and/or email ngrant@flaxpondfriends.org - add "Become Turtle Tracker" to get updates & schedule."

July 14-18, 2014
9:00 am to 3:30 pm
Stony Brook University Flax Pond Lab
Help researchers document environmental conditions

The Flax Pond Summer Research Institute is an intensive, research, internship
program conducted at the Flax Pond Lab, salt marsh and West Meadow Beach.
Adult and student participants work with academic marine scientists to gather scientific
data to document changes in the marsh. This program provides an opportunity
to learn about the estuarine ecosystems and the role of research being done
by scientists from Stony Brook University, Cornell University and others.

This year there is a fee of $100 for the week — full and partial scholarships are
available on a limited basis for those whom the fee would be an obstacle to participation.
The application deadline is June 30th, but spaces are filled on a first come
first served basis which means that registration could close before that date.

Application Forms:


ADULT application CLICK HERE.




Flax Pond Winter Lecture Series:
Four Sundays, the last Sunday of January, February, March and April.


Beach Clean-ups:
April & May at West Meadow Beach.


Migratory Bird Day:
Second Saturday in May.


Horseshoe Crab Spawning & Tagging Survey:
May through mid-June, high tide on the new and full moon (two days before and after and the day of).

Click here for more information.


Diamondback Terrapin Nesting Survey:
Sunday mornings June through July.
Click here for times and dates.

Click here for more information.

Click here for Terrapin Research Description Predation Study.


Flax Pond Summer Research Institute:
Monday through Friday the second or third week of July, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Click here for more information.